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    Successful verification Test Results on GBE AL type Housing

    GBE S.p.A., a leading manufacturer of transformers and reactors, has recently obtained certification from a TÜV ITALY laboratory for their “AL” type housing for dry type transformers designed for both indoor and outdoor installations.

    GBE’s technological growth and continuous study have allowed them to create various housing lines over the years, to provide customers with optimal solutions for all levels of protection from IP21 to IP54.

    Two AL type housings were tested at the TÜV ITALIA laboratory: the first with an IP23 degree of protection, built with aluminium air grills, and the second instead with an IP54 degree of protection, or rather hermetically sealed for outdoor installation.

    Housing is subjected to two different tests to ensure an IP23 degree of protection. The first tests water tightness with a normalised jet spraying at an inclination of 60°. The second test verifies protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 12.5 mm.

    Verification of an IP54 degree of protection is instead more complex. In this case, the housing must withstand a spray test with water coming from all directions and protection against chamber test dust, creating a vacuum inside the housing of 0.2 Bar. Both tests are considered passed if no water or dust is found inside the housing.

    The verification of the degree of protection is essential in the construction of transformers to be installed in particular environments. Thanks to the obtained test reports, GBE can give evidence of their ability to construct housings in compliance with IEC 60529.

    test-report-tuv-ip23_news-09-pdf test-report-tuv-ip54_news-09-pdf


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