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    PUMPING OIL plant built by a leading Italian company in the Oil and Gas industry  

    GBE SpA has recently completed the supply of 4MVA oil transformers for a prestigious plant for the powering of twin-screw pumps for the Algerian state company. The contract was implemented in collaboration with a major Parma-based company operating in the Oil and Gas industry that has a corporate workforce of no less than 6.000 employees and which operates in 16 countries.

    It is not the first time that GBE has engaged in the supply of special transformers suitable for complex installations in other countries.  In fact, many Italian and foreign companies contact us for the manufacturing of transformers according to particular product technical specifications and which are manufactured according to the regulations in force in the places of installation.

    The supply to Algeria consists of 6 transformers immersed in 4MVA oil complete with protection box both on the medium-voltage side and on the low-voltage side and includes accessories for measuring and remote control of the operation of the machine. Protecting of the surfaces of the container and of the boxes was carried out at our coating plant with epoxy two-component resins and finishing in two-component polyurethane which guarantees maximum resistance to atmospheric agents in environments with a high degree of corrosion typical of industrial areas with high salinity and an aggressive atmosphere.


    Hydromatters 4.0

    • 17 October 2017

    Participation of GBE at the hydroelectric conference in Italy The prestigious annual conference entitled Hydromatters 4.0. recently took place in Padua. GBE SpA with the speaker Eng. Fabio Cavestro illustrated the constructive design used for transformers and reactors subject to occasional, continuous and severe mechanical vibration. During the seminar two types of installation were highlighted […]


    Bunds for oil-filled Transformers

    • 10 July 2017

    A flexible, easy-to-use solution designed by GBE Bunds for oil-filled transformers are a new product developed by the GBE steelworks department. For those installations where this bund has not been included, GBE has developed an extremely flexible solution, designed to protect the environment. The oil bund has been developed in pickled and subsequently galvanized metal […]


    The new GBE House Organ is now online!

    • 8 May 2017

      The third edition of the GBE House Organ includes important accomplishments and supplies from last year, future investments and our partners’ perspectives. For further details, download our House Organ from our website at the link:

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