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Hydromatters 4.0

News - 2018-12-21

Participation of GBE at the hydroelectric conference in Italy

NewsHydromatters 4.0

The prestigious annual conference entitled Hydromatters 4.0. recently took place in Padua.

GBE SpA with the speaker Eng. Fabio Cavestro illustrated the constructive design used for transformers and reactors subject to occasional, continuous and severe mechanical vibration.

During the seminar two types of installation were highlighted with which the transformer or the reactor must ensure adequate mechanical resistance to the stresses on the three axes including at low frequencies with significant accelerations and exceeding 1g:

1-Installations with a high presence of occasional or continuous vibrations, such as:

  • Naval;
  • Military;
  • Wind turbine on tower and on nacelle;
  • Crane;
  • Semi-mobile machinery.

2-Installations in high seismic risk areas: in the world there are number of areas subject to earthquakes of very high intensity even up to X Mercalli (7.3 Richter) which are highly destructive for structures and installed equipment (Latin America, Russia, Japan).

GBE SpA has certified the resin transformer for seismic zones Level X Mercalli at internationally recognised laboratories according to the specifications IEEE Std.693 and GOST 1756.1-90 (CESI – ISMES Bergamo) and for installation of a wind turbine on nacelle according to the specification GAMESA Test Specification GD037457-en (VIRLAB Spain).