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Battery Trip unit

The CRB range of tripping battery units provides a dc supply in electrical substations and switch rooms for the tripping and closing of circuit breakers.

They also find applications in order standby situations where an occasional high current load needs to be supplied for a relatively short time.

The units are highly reliable and utilise maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries which give high discharge currents, long life, and freedom from the plate corrosion failures associated with some other battery types.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

High Performance

Low Maintenance

High Quality

CE Marked

How can GBE help you?

The batteries are tolerant of accidental over-discharge without damage.

These units are quick and easy to install because they are delivered with the batteries already fitted and connected.

Only mains 230V and output 30Vdc connections need to be made.

All models are suitable for supplying intermittent tripping or closing loads within the peak current rating quoted.

The unit is fitted with a charge fail alarm relay as standard.

A relay of alarm is available for connection to a remote monitoring systems

Additional alarms may be fitted to the continuous load models as extra-cost options.

High voltage, low voltage, and dc earth fault functions are available.

A test facility is provided by means of a voltmeter and dummy load so that the condition of the batteries can be periodically monitored. 

Standard (24V - 50V)

Standard (24V - 50V)


Standard (24V - 50V)

Please, note that due to the importance of maintaining the tripping output, an on/off switch is not provided as standard with these units.

An appropriate means of isolating the AC supply external to the enclosed will be needed for compliance with BS7671 (IEE Regulations)



Enclosure Robust sheet steel, wall mounting type. Hinged and lockable front access door. Degree of protection to IP42. Painted Light Grey – RAL 7035
AC Supply 230V nominal (+¬ 5%) – 50/60 Hz
Battery Maintenance-free, sealed lead acid
Charge Adjustable steady current thyristor in automatic
Induction _Mains supply On, _Charging (gives an indication of current charging the battery) _Trickle charging (gives an indication about trickle charge).
Recharge Time 1 + 4/12 hours from fully discharged depending on the applied load time.
Duty At the maximum trip currents stated in the table, with the mains supply failed, at least 300 operations of 300 milliseconds duration will be possible, without voltage failing below 85% of nominal
Test facility A pushbutton is provided for battery conditions monitoring. A dummy load is placed across the battery and the voltage is displayed on the front panel voltmeter.
Alarms _Volt-free changeover contacts are provided as standard to indicate charge failure. These operate if the charge current should fall below 85% of nominal, alarm with k3 relay for power failure. It is advisable to connect the alarm to an external source. _In the absence of 230 dc power supply.
Output Fusing The tripping output is unfused in accordance with common practice. The continuous load model CRB has a single-pole 10 Amp fuse for charge and out.
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