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About GBE UK

GBE: A dynamic and efficient enterprise

GBE SpA is an Italian company specialising in the production of:

  • Cast Resin and VPI Transformers from a few kVA to 30MVA, in all voltage classes up to 52kV (BIL 250KV)

  • Oil Filled Transformers from 50kVA to 50MVA, 145kV (650kV BIL)

  • Air Insulated, Resin and Oil Reactors, with and without magnetic core from a small kVAr value up to 10 MVAr

  • Transformers with amorphous core from 100kVA up to 2500kVA.

The company is based in the Vicenza province and can boast 25 years of technical experience in the field. Production is carried out over three factories with a total covered area of 14,000 square meters within the same industrial area, for a total area of about 33,000 square meters.

The three plants have enabled specialisation in both Cast Resin and Oil Immersed Transformers. GBE is also equipped with its own Steelworks facility for the production of profiles, core clamp, chassis, oil transformer tanks, protection box and all the necessary equipment to manufacture customised products according to specific customer requirements.

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Every aspect of manufacturing is performed internally: design, testing, production and acceptance tests. GBE relies on state of the art machinery and production equipment, with automated production processes and production management in real time by coding each material. GBE has also three-test rooms for different types of products, with all certified equipment to perform routine tests, type tests and special tests.

Our experience, continual research, development and flexibility of the internal organisation allows GBE to respond to various requests, even for special units such as transformers for conversion (6-12-18-24-36 pulse), transformers for marine application, auto-transformers, transformers for solar systems, earthing transformers, three-winding transformers, MV/ MV, three-single phase transformers, Scott type transformers, traction motors. Furthermore, GBE design and manufacture core or coreless reactors, for all applications like short circuit, filter, decoupling, smoothing, compensation, limiting etc.

GBE operates directly to both domestic and international markets. GBE has been a market leader for many years in all EU countries, South America, Australia and Asia with the excellent results; the company is increasingly projected in markets around the world, with attention given to new emerging countries. Thanks to the ability to make products in compliance with specifications and regulations of virtually all the countries, GBE is a reliable partner worldwide.

All products are made in compliance with the European Standards CEI, IEC, CENELEC, DIN, BRITISH STANDARD, EN, ISO and other specific international regulations, including those for the markets of Russia, UK, Colombia and others. We have various approvals and product certifications: RINA, DNV, Lloyd's Register and others. GBE is also certified ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001 and has adopted a Code of Ethics that protect customers, suppliers and employees, encouraging the team spirit, transparency and availability towards customers who have always been the distinctive values of GBE.

Resin Plant Oil Plant Steel Fabrication

Resin Plant

Oil Plant

Steel Fabrication

GBE HQ is built on a historical plant totalling 22,000m sq with an annual production of more than 2,500MVA and about 2,000 transformers a year. The plant specialises in the production of cast resin transformers for distribution, special application and power from 50kVA up to 30MVA class 52kv. At this site we also manufacture our oil immersed power transformers up to 50MVA 145kV. The layout of the production is designed to ensure an optimised workflow from goods-in to testing and despatch. The test room is divided into two totalling 500 square meters, where all routine, type and special tests for both distribution, special and power transformers.

With a site specially created for the production of oil immersed transformers and reactors, this second manufacturing facility covers a total area of 8,000 square meters. The annual production is about 1,400 units to create a total of more than 1500MVA. The plant specialises primarily in the production of oil transformers and reactors for distribution and special applications from 50kVA up to 5000KVA class 72kV. Also this production facility is equipped with a test room, on an area of 300 square meters, fully equipped and certified to perform routine, type and special tests

The most recent addition to GBE, the steelworks plant is the result of a significant investment. This plant allows GBE to manufacture not only the highest quality customised products, but also products according to customers exact specifications. Moreover, it guarantees GBE maximum flexibility in the production cycle, as it produces independently from external suppliers and therefore is able to operate with short production times.

The 2,500 square meters plant has is equipped with 10m lifting capacity overhead cranes and flags for semi-finished product handling. The state of the art equipment and machinery guarantees production, processing and finishing of all the steelwork used for the transformers and reactors manufacturing. The laser cut machinery is equipped with automatic 10-pallet stack for metal sheet storage to guarantee a 24/7 working cycle. The plant is also equipped with an automatic blasting machine, which can work on oil tanks for transformers as big as 5MVA. The flow coating painting plant guarantees protection of products by washing, phosphate coating and rinsing to the class C5M (for installation in areas with high condensation standing and high pollution). For special products, the metallisation of the component or parts of it is guarantee of an even more resistant product.

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