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GBE SpA is specialised in producing class F or H VPI, Cast Resin and Oil reactors, for indoor and outdoor applications up to 5000 A/52 kV. For outdoor applications, GBE SpA can supply Cast Resin reactors even without the protection box, thanks to the use of resin and special, UV-resistant coatings.

How can GBE help you?


The current limiting reactors are used to limit the line current. They are normally used to ensure that the current does not exceed the values ​​allowed by the protections in the event of a failure. They are connected in series with the line. They are single-phase coreless coils three-phase connected one above the other, or provided individually and locally three-phase connected


Typically made in oil, they have a three-phase core with zig-zag winding. This type of reactor is used to create a false neutral directly connected to ground or through a resistor. The neutral formers are shunt connected to the line.


These are single-phase or three-phase reactors used to reduce the harmonic content in the grid or inside plants with high voltage distortions. They are connected in series or in parallel to the capacitors on both the LV side and on the MV side.


The shunt reactors compensate for the capacity of the long transmission lines, avoiding voltage rises in voltage at the end of the same line and are shunt connected to the line.


The smoothing machines are connected in series to the DC line, where there is a current ripple that must be reduced. The smoothing reactors are typically single phase.


These are reactors connected in series to capacitors, they allow the resonance frequency to be moved to a value that are not dangerous to these capacitors.

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