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Today, energy efficiency is more vital than ever before for every kind of business.


A Guide to Changing Transformers

Today, more than ever, energy efficiency is a subject that is on most people’s minds.


What is the difference between 'Step-up and Step-down' Transformers?

For anyone wanting to understand the differences between step-up and step-down transformers perhaps the first thing to u...

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Laboratory service

GBE houses three on-site test rooms at our customer service centre. They are all fitted with SIT certified instrumentation that periodically undergoes calibration and checking.

Our laboratories is available to third parties for testing, services for insulation and a variety of electrical measurements according to the Standards for most types and sizes of transformers and electrical machineries.

These testing equipment can spot malfunctions or non-compliance that cannot be detected by a simple visual examination. The professionalism of the staff in our test rooms and the experience in the execution of the measurements and testing can also lead to proposals for constructive improvements, the removal of the problems or solutions for the installation. A test report is issued after all tests.

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