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Hydromatters 4.0

Participation of GBE at the hydroelectric conference in Italy


Supply of transformers to Algeria

Pumping Oil plant built by a leading Italian company in the Oil and Gas industry


Bunds for oil-filled Transformers

A flexible, easy-to-use solution designed by GBE

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Eco Efficiency

The aim is to reduce losses and gain in efficiency. GBE are ready, thanks to their high efficiency transformers production.

The global commitment for energy efficiency and emissions reduction keeps moving on. The newest European Union Legislation 548/2014 sets the new standards about eco-compatible designing, imposing a drastic reduction on losses of new transformers launched on the market.

How can GBE help you?

According to a survey led by the EU, in 2008 the EU27 transformers machinery stock suffered annual losses up to 93.4TWh; the aim is now very ambitious: the annual losses rate has to decrease down to 16.2THw per year within 2025, equal to 3.7Mt of CO2 emissions.

The new regulation - valid in every EU Country, together with Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland – will be effective from July 1st 2015, whereas further emissions reduction is already scheduled from July 1st 2021.

The directive defines specific rules to be observed in the design of eco-compatible distribution and power transformers.

GBE were prepared for this new directive, as they had already been offering a production line of high efficiency transformers, that perfectly fit the new limits introduced by the European Standards.

Actually, GBE have gone even further: their catalogue, includes any kind of transformer, for any kind of special application and offers other technical solutions such as transformers with amorphous core. These units guarantee losses levels even lower than the newly imposed ones. It’s a winning technological innovation that will certainly spread around the world for two main reasons: on the one side it complies with the new restrictive regulations, on the other it guarantees much lower application costs, that will pay back the initial investment.