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Bunds for oil-filled Transformers

News - 2018-12-21

A flexible, easy-to-use solution designed by GBE

NewsBunds for oil-filled Transformers

Bunds for oil-filled transformers are a new product developed by the GBE steelworks department. For those installations where this bund has not been included, GBE has developed an extremely flexible solution, designed to protect the environment. The oil bund has been developed in pickled and subsequently galvanized metal sheet, in either stainless steel or aluminium painted with polyester products.

The solution offers high resistance to atmospheric agents and in all environments. The GBE bund can also be supplied with access on the long or short side, depending on client specifications. It features an internal track on which the transformer slides and a removable external kit, which allows the transformer to be inserted inside the bund without any additional or subsequent lifting. The bund’s seal is guaranteed by a cork-rubber gasket. The tank has been designed in line with the same philosophy adopted for all new products, with the aim of offering clients a customised solution that meets their specifications, but above all a complete package.